Fitness Blender 100 Rep Workout – Toning & Weight Loss Workout

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23 Responses to “Fitness Blender 100 Rep Workout – Toning & Weight Loss Workout”

  1. Will this create a very big after burn affect after the workout?

  2. Hello i weigh 75kg and i want to get down to 70kg at the moment what do you what do you recomend for me to do (i eat healthy and i want to like that 5kg as fast as possible.)

  3. Dear Fitness blender. Thank you. I quit the gym at New Years because I couldn't afford it:(. But I found your site and started doing your routines Jan 4. In two months I've lost an inch! That's doing different routines 4-6 times a week from 15 minutes to an hour. I haven't really lost weight but it see I am more toned and I am excited to keep going. I love these routines!

  4. sorry I also forgot to mention this. Do you have workouts for scoliosis.I have a mild form of scoliosis so I wonder if you can make some videos about that.I want to strengthen my back.I want something to straighten my spinal the upper area.My shoulders our not leveled with each can you make videos to put the scapla back into place. I just want my whole make to be aligned the way it use to be.Please and thank you.Keep making more videos. My friends and I love watching your videos.keep up

  5. Hi I have a question.Im 5'2 and 120lbs female.I want to lose 10 more pounds but its so hard. I really want my body to be lean.How many times a day should I work to get faster results? I think it will take about three to four months to see some results right?I dont want my body to be overly strained so when should I take rest periods for my body?I also really want to tone my triceps.I have more fat deposit there than anywhere else.Please more videos for tricep workouts.

  6. Hello in Croatia! You will be glad that you woke up for that workout once it's done!

  7. i got up this morning (following your e-book) to do the first part of todays workout. i could have been sleeping :D
    big hello from Croatia!

  8. i want to know only weight reduction would ensure that my over size decreases or is it possible that the weight remains same but my body gets tones and i look fitter

  9. If you are healthy and want a challenge, I would recommend tackling our 8 Week Fat Loss Program (there are beginner alternatives for the first 2 weeks so don't be too intimidated). It uses our free workout videos to build a very detailed, day by day plan of exactly which routines to do each day. It an eBook that you download anywhere, it is very inexpensive and people firm up, gain strength, endurance, flexibility, etc, & lose typically lose up to 16-24 lbs over the course of those two months

  10. Hi, I have been following different workout routines on Youtube for few months now. I noticed your workouts and I am so inspired. I am 33 and at 144 lbs. I want to be 135 lbs, I am 5"6 tall. How many days a week do you recommend and which routines should I follow?

  11. thank u so much - excited to hybrid with kettlebell workouts thru fb for 2013 workouts

  12. The 1000 calorie workout is awaiting a voiceover at this point, but it's December 26th, so we've got 5 more days to finish it up! It is a whopping 90 minutes long, a record for us. It will be out early January 1st.

  13. HI guys: have u finished the 1000 calorie burn workout u sort of promised for new years?

  14. i am 5ft 6 inch tall 23 yr old f and i weigh 125 lbs will this routine help me lose fat and build lean muscle

  15. Great job on your progress! This is one of our older workout videos, our newer ones have ads that are timed with breaks in the routine :)

  16. Thank you, thanks to you and a regular diet I have lost 12 pounds in 5 weeks. All your videos are excellent because all have different targets, I am starting to understand that. The only issue is that I would appreciate to fit the ads in the long pauses . i.e. this video has two ads and two long pauses, instead of putting them in to the running routine. Its also better to the sponsors because in the long pauses all I want is to stare at something otherwise I am looking for a way to skip it.

  17. Thank you so much for sharing your workouts. They are the best I've found on YT so far.

  18. I don't know Kelli doing the easy version of push ups ;) I thought you could have machined them out in a full push up, good work though again and indeed another one I need to consider doing or incorporating into my gym routine

  19. Random comment here; any idea where she gets her workout clothes from? I love them! Lol!

  20. Thanks

  21. Congrats on your 10 lbs lost! Did you do that with our workout videos? You can't spot reduce fat, you have to do it allover. Total body toning, daily cardio and a healthy diet is the only way.

  22. i am 31 yrs old female mother of 8 yrs child. I have started work out for one hour since June 6 2012. I was 140 lb at that time and at present i m 130 lb today. i want to loose my belly fat, thighs and butts. Does this routine work for me?

  23. Oh my gosh. I can only get through the first part.. I WILL DO BETTER IN THE FUTURE! :D *fist pump*