Motivational speech by Greg Plitt – watch this then workout Greg Plitt has appeared on the covers of more than 100 fitness magazines and 25 romance novels in the last four years. He is undisp...
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25 Responses to “Motivational speech by Greg Plitt – watch this then workout”

  1. Awesome dude!

  2. GP is the man, after talking with him you will feel you can do anything possible!

  3. Hello everyone. Amazing video clip clip.

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  4. Crap, i saw this before bed... now I'm really thinking of hitting the gym... And I just went 3 hours ago...

  5. Actually, the original comment was made because Greg Plitt only eats one main meal per day. You can google it. The other smaller meals he eats are made up of protein bars etc. (whether that's true or not is up for debate! maybe he just says it to help sell Met - RX protein bars haha)

  6. Such a Great Video! Greg, i Love your Videos!! Really Empowering buddie.

  7. Wat

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  10. I have no idea what he just said..... cause his biceps are mesmerizing!

  11. No... sealselite14 is right by saying that Greg claims to eat only one big solid meal a day. The rest is liquid nutrition

  12. He is so ripped because he works his ASS off for his physique. Eating several meals a day of good foods will do the trick. Eating once per day is going to get you no where.

  13. The way greg talks to the camera and switching over to the interview makes him look like a pro wrestler talking about what hes going to do to his opponent in the next upcoming match.

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  15. It seems like every time Gregg talks he goes on some kind of motivational rant lol

  16. Agreed, I cannot think of anyone on or able to match Gregs mental level, that's what 5 yrs as a US ARMY Ranger will do for you! Your mental game is your fitness game. Greggs not just some roided out guy in the gym who trains to look like a swollen baby, "You know who you are" with zero definition, lifting the 125lbs dumbbells 3 times. It's about functionality. Greg is about success in the gym and in life!

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  18. Christian Holmes Reply April 12, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    sheeeeeet this guy is amazing!

  19. He should be a coach on the biggest loser.

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  21. I wonder if he is so ripped, because he only eats 1 solid meal per day. maybe that's why his Body Fat % is so low. 

  22. can you imagine if greg plitt had a son? that's either having the awesomest dad ever or being crushed by daily pressure to live up to a god

  23. Greg is excited to answer the question. That's how you know hes the real deal!

  24. maybe not,he's just full of wisdom...