Ripped Male Fitness Model! 3 weeks out ! Flexing Abs! Bicep Peak! Triceps! Quads! Muscle buff

3 weeks out from my first competition. "Carb Depleting Workout" "STORYOFSHIRTLESS" "WBFF Champion" "James Ellis" "CTTheTrainer" "competitive Fitness Modellin...
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40 Responses to “Ripped Male Fitness Model! 3 weeks out ! Flexing Abs! Bicep Peak! Triceps! Quads! Muscle buff”

  1. amazing body

  2. Thank you, I trained hard and Constantly in order to get this way. I gave everything I had to achieve my body.

  3. Fantastic! Hopefully some more come aswell.

  4. a new fan here!

  5. Bro you are incredibly ripped for your height being 5'5. Great fucking work that's dedication.

  6. beautifully defined body...keep on going will be great to follow you along as you grow

  7. I apologize for the lighting. I just bought a new camera and just started to learn how to use it. Next time I will make sure i get the lighting right.

  8. thick muscles--good size and defination!
    good luck!

  9. beast bro--more light tho

  10. Dude you are fuc-en JACKED!!!!!!! Great work and more vids!

  11. A bit too dark to see much on my screen. But what there is looks ripped, shredded and fully loaded!

  12. damn man you look alot bigger than you did last time and you were huge dude

  13. Good luck Rabel in competition you look great. Little better lighting next time is all we need little dark.

  14. Incredible physique!

  15. WOW !

  16. awesoome!!!!!!!...loove it...
    I also heard sheila ki jawani at the end...;P

  17. Love you guys..
    Nice choreography and can be followed by anyone..

  18. great choreo to this song fun fun fun. Thanks for posting

  19. INSANE abs workout!!

  20. I loved

  21. swaaaaagerr! :)

  22. I did too! It would be RADICAL if you did a dance to it! :D

  23. Holy moly!!!! I LOVE the moves and the Nikes!! You have such an amazing class and you move so swift! You have so much fun energy I can't wait to watch your other videos! Would you mind if I teach this routine to my class??? I will totally give you all the credit!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  24. zumba has worked 4 me & i do all of ur videos i love them all yall should make new ones!!

  25. that was great

  26. OMG... My 8 yr old daughter and I do this workout 5 times in a row. Out of all the cardio I do .... I sweat like crazy immediately and I'm not a massive sweater. LOL

  27. sid, you are superb

  28. Marniece Brownsugar Reply April 6, 2013 at 2:17 am

    YAL DID A GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. just WOW :D

  30. Very nice

  31. This girl is my GODDD. Amazing moves and best song. using this every day for sure

  32. Good dance :-)  :-) xx

  33. Alexandria Quillen Reply April 6, 2013 at 5:21 am

    oh my gosh can i please use this choregraphy for my zumba class too ?!?!? AMAZING zumba needs some fun hip hop routines like this. just subscribed to your page KILLER

  34. This white girl was gettin' it. But, over all this looks fun.

  35. i tired it i love it

  36. love itttt

  37. push yourself.

  38. OMG I LOVE HER, she's so good.
    she makes my excerpting so much fun.
    keep up the good work ! and pleas do upload more videos !
    i wish you lived near my area so i can take your class :(

  39. Hi Vanilla Spice am fr Singapore and chance upon ur video. Like to seek permission to use ur move - really cool

  40. I want to see some big ol' girls like me doing this! I was out for the count by :30...and I need some oxygen...