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Obesity is dangerous to health
Being overweight is the key to unlock many health issues. It is apparent that Obesity builds up life threatening health concern that leads to heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer and gallbladder disease. These health problems together cause an approximated 300,000 early deaths in the US. It is important that you try to keep your body mass steady even if you are not obese. Genes are at work here, you are more likely to produce them yourself.
Heart Disease and Stroke:
Utmost, Heart stroke leads to loss of life for any human be it women or men. The reason is fat deposits increases the high blood pressure that affects the heart and cause heart stroke. High cholesterol settled down in your body reduces oxygen supply to the heart ultimately causing malfunctioning of heart eventually sudden loss of death devoid of any symptoms. Healthy heart needs human body mass index to be normal and light weighted so that it doesn’t give pressure on the heart to do normal activities.
Atherosclerosis, one rather heart disease where arteries get hardened is proved to occur in people who are over weight compared to those who are not. In this case, the bloodstream that enters the heart needs to refine to prevent the chest pain and cardiac arrest.
Sleep apnea is another health concern where people experience sudden halt of respiration for abbreviated times that cause drowsiness during the day. It also leads to heavy snoring. Breathing problems connected with being fat occur when added weight of the breasts wall presses the respiratory system and causes limited respiration. And so, with the help of this Burn Fat in your body.
This is the next most major disease to be careful about for those who suffer from obesity. Being fat is the major cause of type two diabetic issues. Obesity is said to develop type 2 diabetes. This type of diabetes causes body to lack control of blood sugar causing early death, heart disease, stroke, and blindness and also affects Kidney performance. This disease can never be kept in control until you lose your weight and do constant physical workouts. This type of diabetic issues usually starts in adulthood but, is now actually happening in children. Being overweight can cause level of capacity system insulin, the hormone that modulates glucose levels. When obesity causes system insulin level of resistance, the glucose levels becomes elevated.
Women are more likely to experience high risk for a variety of cancers mainly breast, colon, gallbladder, and uterus. Men are also prudent to colon and prostate cancers. Gallbladder disease and gallstones are connected with changes in fat level deposited in the body.
High Blood Pressure:
Extra fat cells present in your body needs oxygen and other nutrients to survive which needs the bloodstream to carry the necessities more to the fat cells. This makes heart to pump more blood which causes more stress on the artery surfaces. This condition is called High Blood Pressure that raises the pulse and cuts the body's ability to transport blood all over the body.
Start lowering your health Risks:
If not sure about your obesity control, consult a doctor to avoid such fatal illness. Besides, making exercising a part of your daily life is a significant way to help maintain a healthy weight and reduced your chance of illnesses. Do at least spend half an hour for your physical activity to have a fit and Fat Loss.
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