Rambling about Weight Loss, halloween, Youtube, Being Sick and FRANCIS!

Here's a link to my weight loss channel: http://youtu.be/DJZwDwV2D-4 Here's a link to my francis vlog: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9Hk9BEb6eE here's a li...
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Have you been losing and gaining the same 5 kilos for years? Me too. But when your modelling 'career' counts on it?? It's worse. CRUCIAL.This is a real perso...

25 Responses to “Rambling about Weight Loss, halloween, Youtube, Being Sick and FRANCIS!”

  1. Id love to see Francis discover that his brother and sister have been putting estrogen supplements in his pancakes.

  2. The hardest part of losing weight/working out is the motivation. It just gets hard sometimes to get enthusiastic about it

  3. i find that he would be a good therapist

  4. Francis needs to get pissed and drink mitten dew

  5. Good luck man hope your diet goes well

  6. Great job!! Keep working hard

  7. Hey keep up the good work with the weight loss. We are proud of your progress. YOU CAN DO IT!

  8. You majestic person you. Keep up the great work man!

  9. Glad to see you're sticking to a plan and hopefully you can start moving away from diets and it just becomes a habit of eating well! As far as getting your strength to work out, I would say start at home. Start with low weight barbells and do some bicep curls, and shoulder presses, etc you can do for the upper body while sitting down, or standing up, and do some squats without weights and after you become stronger start doing it with those low weights in your hands.

    Stay Strong,
    Happy travels!

  10. dude u sound great :D and looking way better :)

  11. PureTrimWeightLoss Reply April 5, 2013 at 2:45 pm

    Great video. Thanks

  12. are we ever going to see a lets play
    francis wouk be funny jesse would be a noob boogie would be helpful

  13. Dude you look wayy younger than your age! and you have a woman who loves you for who you are, thats the life! I would like a vlog about your life man you seem like a very caring and nice guy.

  14. Hey don't feel bad about your weight , I'm sure u will get it of soon

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  16. shit, i thought you were 28 or so, not 38

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  19. Keep up the good work Francis, I'd like to see you lose 70 pounds buddy !!!

  20. Im so happy for u man

  21. nooooooo be fatter dont get all skinny and crap

  22. It seems like ur on the MTV show true life

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  24. MidnightxMaximum Reply April 5, 2013 at 8:32 pm

    hey boogie i know im late but i think francis should be a critic of some sort. i mean it would give you the room for your own twist but will also incorporate the part where people like to see francis mad, such as he reviews a bad movie, a product that has false advertisements, or maybe things like francis's phobias and he can go on to explain why he hates spider, then one could appear in the room and he'll go all francis mad from freaking out. just some ideas that i think could turn out well.

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