6 Week Muscle Building Program

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  1. It will take about 24-72 hours for a full recovery based on nutrition, sleep, training level, etc. If you are a beginner, I would say wait an extra day. Your muscles are probably repaired, but you are still feeling the inflammation. - Delmonte Ambassador Team

  2. I started this workout monday and its wednesday and im still sore on my legs and back should i still work on it?

  3. Sure! That's who my programs are designed for.

  4. can an ectomorph do this program to gain muscle for 6 weeks??

  5. i agree on that, by the 2nd week of May I'll start the 6 week muscle building program, let me check the good results...good luck!

  6. you have much research and learning to do , yes it takes time and hard work but can be achieved within a year maybe another 6 months for some .. its all about doing everything properly and effciently , if your having trouble your missing something critical in your program not just your workout but the program all together because one wont work without the other ..even the old bill philips program contestants had their results in 12 weeks .... keep at it

  7. all this in 1 training?

  8. @Megarybo

    I did this workout for 4-5 weeks prior to army, and I had really amazing results.

  9. Good video dude, im gonna start doing this full body workout soon, im weighing about 11stone (70kg) with lots of muscle definition and very low bodyfat, all i need is more mass and i wanna keep away from steroids for now. So wat kind of gains will i see if i stick 2 your program with a good solid diet?

  10. That's true, but generally speaking, a six week span is enough time to notice SOME difference. You won't go from skinny to ripped, and you won't go from fat to lean, but in six weeks you CAN see some results.
    It's more of a confidence booster than anything.

  11. mate...mucle cant turn to fat o.O

    to avoid fat gainings I would decrease your calorie intake but still keep 1.5g protein per lbs per day to maintain your muscles.

    maybe this will help you. keep it up

  12. all my muscle is turning to fat. I broke my arm bad, skiing. I can't do any more of vince's workouts. Broke it Jan 21st & I have to wait til march 17th for the cast to come off... then I still have to wait longer to lift heavy again or it'll re-break. I hate my life right now lol.

    btw these workouts are usually awesome... just like this guy. No lie... eat healthy & in 3 months there is a huge difference doing this stuff. but muscle is easy for me... fat loss is hard. Still at 14-16%bf

  13. any weeks long programe is bullshit
    muscle growth that we all want takes years, variety =growth, respect to vince but come on he knows he taks years to achieb=ve what he has

  14. yes barbell can be used but be aware u dont get the same range of motion but its fine to start building mass, and any quat with a straight back and dep is good, as for dips if 1 is difficult 2 things to try, first is doing negatives jump up and lower yrself down slow another is to work on triceo strength with heavy push downs

  15. Instead of :
    - dumbell bench press, could I use a barbell?
    - front squat, could I do a normal squat (i dnt have a squat rack so it would be dangerous for me)

    finally, how do i do dips, as i cnt physically do them

    thanks :)