Vince Del Monte’s No Nonsense Muscle Building YouTube Introduction Over the past six years I've fallen in love with the NATURAL bodybuilding and fitness lifestyle, and continue to practice...
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  1. yes. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack.  btw!but ye I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. i found it here => bit.ly16BrOhu

  2. IM A FAT FUCK!!!....IM 6'2 and i used to be 311 pounds, dropped down to 255....I chose to bulk up and I'm back up to 285. 1 more month to go on this bulk before I go on this EPIC cut!!....COME CHECK MY CHANNEL OUT

  3. FUCK U

  4. your all bullshit man, if ANYONE wants to lose weight u can do it easily for free, there is soooo much information all over the internet. if u really need help from someone who is in amazing shape and knows lots about fitness than check out scooby1961's channel

  5. Im no expert, but from experience. I suggest you wait till 18-20 years old so you can body can develop all your muscles in a natural way. You can do cardio workout to maintain a good body but When you reach that age, find a bodybuilding routine to your like in the internet to grow big. Forget about your friends having almost ripped abs or all that crap. Think about you and what you can do to achieve a goal in relation with bodybuilding. Its a good journey, try to make it !!

  6. Hey Vince. Do you drink coffee? Please get back to me, thanks.

  7. Great!

  8. Hey Vince I bought your book but it never downloaded

  9. Hey im 16 and am trying to get into working out. I am 6ft tall and 205 and posses alot of muscle. this sounds fine but i have what i call a whale pack. i have muscle in my stomach but it is not defined whatsover. i am embaressed because all my other friends have six packs or close to it. I run frequently and i am a 2 sport athlete (lax and hockey) i feel i would be better at around 195 or 200 but i cant cut the weight any tips?

  10. upper james goodlife not bad i seen you recording there you and hilliker. All i can say is your wife is fine ;)

  11. Jay Cutler haircut style

  12. Yeah Vince, you have stacked on some size in the last 6 months. How much have you gained and what are your stats???

    Cheers my friend :-)

  13. in one of your videos you said you were gonna start using the 1000 calorie challenge workouts did they caused any effect on the weight training? like make you overtrain or somethin?

  14. Yo Mister VinceDelMonte Igotta Say Something 1. I'm in high School 16 Years Old 2. Yes I know Girl Love The Six Pack.xxxxx:).3 Im Not Looking To Be The Buffest 4. I Just Want To Look Great And Attract The Oppisite Gender oh yes!!! 5 I do This For My Self So What Can I Do since you Are An Expert

  15. Nutrition vids please..

  16. @tleat. It's also very expensive to get sick and unhealthy! Might as well invest in preventing health problems instead of spending money to fix them when it's too late!

  17. It's a ton of money to buy all the food you need to bulk though, six meals a day, and protein, i love it, but it's way expensive.

  18. thanx Vince, looking forward to the videos

  19. vince your starting to look pretty buff and nice hair cut no homo

  20. 1st comment 

  21. finally back with another yt video