Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods — Psychetruth Nutrition & Weight Loss

Top Ten Obesity Causing Foods -- Psychetruth Nutrition & Weight Loss Corrina counts down the 10 worst foods you could eat in terms of weight gain and obesity...

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  1. you are not beautiful but you are cute.when im watched your video first im watching u then replay again for advice.(like you by the way)

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  4. Emmanuel Nnameka Reply April 5, 2013 at 12:19 pm

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  6. I can't listen to this voice and accent even if I'd wanted to

  7. @gerard fierro - no, sushi is anot fattening. Usually with fish so you have protein and then rice for carbohydrate. Overall sushi is healthy (・ω・)ノ

  8. Karina..Is Sushi fattening?

  9. I eat 100% whole wheat shreddies cereal is that good

  10. Is that bad? I'm only 311 pounds

  11. I drink 11 sodas a day and eat 4 Big Macs and I super size everytime

  12. please, stop say "uuhm"

  13. Your information is very useful, Thank you!

  14. i have cheerios - is that good?

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  16. i can't believe no one mentioned her boobs

  17. PrepperNurse NewMexico Reply April 5, 2013 at 6:19 pm

    you are right Brandon preaty much anything that tasts good or sweet is bad

  18. I liked it and ir was very helpful.

  19. so why not just say dont eat anything that tastes good?

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  22. Made me hot sandwiches with white bread.

  23. You should really not show food porn to people trying to lose weight!

  24. You say ummm too much. After every sentence.

  25. Hmm do you get why everyone else in the world is trying to blow you up, ALL THE TIME, yet? ....I'd like to blame Dr. Oz for this resurgence in weird food science, but he was born Muslim too! *exit stage door right.